Success 4 YOU!

Once upon a time you lived on purpose and enjoyed Fun, Fitness and Funds. You enjoyed success as you determined Success 4 U.

You chose the life you wanted to live and lived a life that was balanced. You were grateful for the gifts, blessings, challenges and obstacles that you had.

Yes obstacles.

Obstacles are what help you appreciate the gifts you have and obstacles keep you fit mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Obstacles push you out of your comfort zone.

What stops you enjoying your success?

Thieves, self-beliefs and comments (silent and spoken) like:

  • “I can’t”
  • :I should do ….”
  • “I’m stupid”
  • “I don’t know how”
  • “I’m afraid to ask for help because they might think I am….”
  • “I lack….” – money, connections, resources, ideas, etc.
  • “Other people tell me I am.. ” stupid, ignorant, can’t do.

When we wrote the book “Who Stole My Success”, (a collection of tales of people who continue to overcome their thieves one day at a time) I was at a personal low. I had done so many wonderful things but no one seemed to value me outside of my family. I failed to fit the mould people thought I should (a thief word): I was either too experienced, too qualified, lacked the skills needed or just the wrong personality to fit in with the client/employer. Depression followed because no one would hire me and worse I felt that there was no hope for a better future. Everything seemed to be turning to custard.

#purposefullivingBut when we started on a path full of gratitude and blessings and returned to our purpose and manifesto #maifestopurposeful living suddenly the thieves that were stealing our success seemed to vanish. They kept coming but suddenly they had little to no impact. I felt stronger and more confident about what I could do and how I could contribute.

The key is the 5 A’s of Purposeful Living: Awareness, Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Appreciation and Action.

Being aware of our and other’s  thoughts, ideas, words and actions is the first step in taking control and stopping success thieves. It is like putting locks on your doors and keeping out the thieves that would steal your possessions.

Together we can change our world.

Together we can make a difference for ourselves, our businesses and our communities.

Our goal is everyone enjoying the Purposeful Living Paradigm. Please join our page and experience the journey of living with more Fun, Funds and Fitness.

Peter and Roberta Budvietas

Characters and Ideas you will meet in “Who Stole My Success”,

MaryAnn shares stories about setting priorities, keeping your word, trust, SNIOPS, Wealth Consciousness, Contribution, Quickies and Interuptitism

Eva talks about the need to be right and the power of asking for help, petty cash management

Patricia shares he success tools around preparation, planning, performance and avoiding complacency.

Dianne shares her experiences with Value

Holly now avoids the maybe baby syndrome and follows-up

Frank shares his need to follow through

Alice deals with fear and what if games

Megan believes that belief stops thieves especially the second thoughts (guessing)

Esther introduces the Naughty Not-ty and the Moral Imperatives as well as the importance of Be(ing)

Jenny questions “Can I afford not to?”

And Sarah discusses assumptions and taking things personally.

Always remember to ICE your thieves: Identify, Clarify, Educate