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16 Aug 2017

Your Mind: Open or Closed, Mindful

And what does an open mind or a closed mind look like and why does it matter? What is this concept called mindfulness and how does that relate to open or closed minds? An Open Mind What is an open mind? Is it a mind that will look at all possibilities or is it a mind that will consider different […]

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1 Aug 2017

Why does a Village Matter?

Remember when we shared village principals… children played on the street and everyone watched out for them? the elderly were visited by their neighbours on a regular basis? We were connected on an eye-ball to eye-ball level rather than electronically. We noticed when someone was at a neighbour’s window. We asked strangers if we could help them. We smiled at […]

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26 Jul 2017

Taking Care of Others

Once upon a time, in a world not so long ago, most people actually knew their neighbours and kept tabs on each other’s children and elders. Chicken soup was delivered to those who were sick. Baking was shared with neighbours as was the produce from the garden. No one worried about sickos grabbing children off the street or putting dangerous […]

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17 Jul 2017

Depression, Birthdays and Success Thieves

Birthdays are supposed to be happy days but as we get older I notice how they become more and more depressing and steal the joy of the celebration. Yesterday I wished someone a happy birthday and they responded with birthday yes, happy no. That led to a phone call… Truth was he did not feel very happy. Everything seemed hopeless. […]

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12 Jul 2017

What do I do now?

Have you ever felt that you reach a point and you have no idea of what to do now? Often this question is asking you to consider one of 2 things: Am I living to my purpose? Do I need to redefine/review my constraints and choices? When we problem solve, we need to know 5 things. Where we want to […]

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