Being Flexible Stops Success Thieves


When you are flexible you have the ability to control and change and that stops success thieves.

How can you be flexible?

Awareness is the first step in being flexible.

Be aware of what you are doing so you can decide if it is worthwhile to continue doing it.

Be aware of the what is happening around you. So often we act on autopilot, doing the same things in the same way and never looking at why or if there is a better way or even if it is needed.

Be aware of the reactions to what is happening around you and avoid shiny object syndrome (buying because media or friends say that you have to have something).

Next is acknowledge what is happening. Just being aware is never enough. You need to acknowledge that people and things are what they are. So often we can put blinkers on and pretend that things have not changed or that people are the same as they have always been. But in truth, change is a constant and you need to acknowledge that the change has happened and accept those changes. Flexibility  depends on acknowledging and accepting the difference in people and things.

Then be grateful, appreciate that things are evolving. After all do you really want to be stuck?

And the final thing to do is act of the changes.

  • Make a choice.
  • Make a decision.
  • Change and move in a different direction.
  • The success thieves are stopped because you no longer ignore the changes. Your flexibility removes rigid responses and helps your development.
  • Life is about choice and change.
  • So to choose and change you need to be flexible.
  • Have fun bending but not breaking.

Have fun enjoying your growth.