Words, Understanding and the Success Thieves

Words and how we understand them can either help us succeed or totally steal our success. The Assumptions we make about the meaning of the words we use impacts on our success.

When you listen to the words of Ronan Keating – When you say nothing at all implies that expressing love can be done without words but… Listen for a moment

The smile on your face,
The look in your eyes,
The touch of your hand
Lets me know that you need me.

Do we really need the words to form an impression, an idea or a concept? Or do we assume that the we understand what the other person is trying to convey without words. According to this song…NO words are needed.


Word Awareness

By being aware of the words you use, you can understand first yourself and then others. And that understanding leads to you being able to accept and acknowledge what those words mean and how they affect you and others.

Do you even need words?

According to the song, words are unnecessary for him to know that “you need me” but is that an assumption and can that assumption lead to heartbreak?

My husband and I have been married over 47 years but while I know that he needs (wants) me, I am also aware of the language we use. There have been times when I say or do something that annoys him totally. We needed words to prevent the shattering and success of our long term relationship if we let it. Words clear up situations. They allow us to express ourselves and learn more about ourselves and those who matter.

By understanding the words on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, we can stop those thieves that could destroy a wonderful friendship, relationship and support.

Unkind Words

There are many times you use a word that others find unkind or offensive but your intention was not to offend. Your intention was only to help, instead the other person misunderstood and suddenly the relationship shatters.

Today’s challenge:

Look at the words you use this week and what you understand them to mean and what others seem understand. If in doubt ask them what they understood you to mean?

Look at how this affect the success in your relationships?

And remember your smile, your touch, do make a difference but the other person may still not know what you really need or want.

Together let’s build more success by watching the words and assumptions we make.